The Jobu Silk Road

The Jobu Silk Road

People, industry and the future—
A road to open a new era and connect with the world.

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A story of dreams spun with raw silk
From the past to the present and into the future

A single thread of raw silk drawn from a cocoon, so small it would fly away if you blew on it. This thin, delicate raw silk raised a small country in the corner of Asia into a world power rivaling the rich and powerful countries of the West.

The Jobu Silk Road
Toward the modernization and internationalization of a new Japan

The Jobu Silk Road…
A road leading to modernization and internationalization. As people built, gathered around, and traveled the road, their gaze was turned to a new Japan.

Tomioka Silk Mill
A World Heritage Site and legacy for the future

Tomioka Silk Mill is a symbolic presence on the Jobu Silk Road. It was born from interaction with the world outside Japan and drove further interaction. That history is now showcased as a legacy that has spread far beyond the region and transcended the ages.

Starting from Fukaya
A story of joining hands and building a foundation

The Jobu Silk Road began in Fukaya. People with an intriguing connection joined hands to lay the foundation. Through this story, one can see their dream and grit in building a new country.

The power of people lives on
The pioneers of the Jobu Silk Road

What is the appeal of human beings, the power of people who accomplish things? Diverse characters wove the world of the Jobu Silk Road. We delve into their thoughts and highlight the power of people.

The journey of “factory girls”
Blazing a trail for women in the workforce

“Factory girls” from all over Japan gathered at Tomioka Silk Mill and dedicated themselves to mastering their craft. Taking pride in their jobs and acquiring the necessary skills made them pioneers for women in the workforce.

The thread that pulled Japan into the modern world
Things we can learn from the silk industry

Continuous technological innovation and the cross-industry efforts that supported it. Sericulture and silk milling were at the forefront of Japan’s journey to modernization. The industry transcends history, and is the progenitor of today’s cutting-edge industry.

Propagation to Japan and the world
The broad horizon down the road

Taking industrial strength as a key axis, changes propagated out from the Jobu Silk Road across Japan and to the world. The transformation had a broad scope of influence, affecting technology, management, ways of life, and more.

Following the silk road
Searching for the form of new industrial strength

Through constant collaboration and cooperation, the Jobu Silk Road drove Japan to modernize and internationalize. Discoveries come into view as one follows the road. The Silk Road is not a thing of the past, but a road continuing on to the next generation.